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not so pretty princess

Isla Pants-ski
17 May
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If you wanna know me, ask or read. Stylesheet by refuted
10th kingdom, 80's, 80's music, acting, adventures, american hi-fi, army green ballet shoes, back to the future, being upside down, ben folds, black and white photos, books, bowling for soup, boy meets world, breakfast, brown paper bags, bruce springsteen, butch walker, butterfly kisses, cameras, car rides, card games, chattering teeth, chicago, childhood logic, chocolate, christmas cookies, classic rock, coffee, cooler ranch doritos, cops and robbers, cosmic bowling, courtney, david bowie, david spade, day dreaming, death becomes her, disney, distractions, doug says hi, down with love, drawing, duck duck goose, duct tape, family guy, france!, fridge magnets, ghostbusters, going to the zoo, guitar, hats, hide-n-go seek, holding hands, holding your breath contests, hopscotch, hot chocolate, john-rine, jude, jumping in leaves, jumping on beds, labyrinth, legos, lit, little mermaid, long phone conversations, lord of the rings, lost, love letters, mac and cheese, marvelous 3, mary's camera, messy moments, mistakes, mix tapes, mixing and matching, monsters inc., moulin rouge, movies, musicals, my boyfriend's back, my magenta soul, nice surprises, no shoes, notes drawn in snow, orchestra, pebbles, people who play, people who play instruments, peter pan, photographs, photography, pooh sticks, post-it note reminders, power rangers, pretty woman, rain, randomness, raw cookie dough, really loud music, red and purple skittles, red pens, reel big fish, rent, right time wrong me, rock, rocky votolato, root beer, sandra bullock, savage garden, scarves, sierra mist, sing-alongs, sneak attack hugs, snl, snow, something corporate, spitting off bridges, star wars, starbursts, static on the radio, staying late after school, strawberry milk through straws, stroke 9, sugar cookies, sun, super nintendo, taking pictures, techies, teenage mutant ninja turtles, thank-you's, the smell of books, the three primary colors, the whole nine yards, theatre, things that smell good, tickling, tire swings, twizzlers, two sentence stories, untied laces, video games, walking arm-in-arm, what might have been, what-ifs, wicked, witty responses, wizard of oz, worn in jeans, young dubliners, z more to come